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Eyeglass lenses

In the field of ophthalmic lenses, we benefit from many years of experience. In addition to regular orders, we are ready to solve your various requirements for the vision and the problems associated with it. We will help you avigate the wide range of manufacturers of lenses,  we will advise you, what lenses are the best for you dioptre correction and specific needs.



The most commons cases solved are:


Vision at all distances
(presbyopia, computer and/or work close to eyes).


Approximately at 40 - 45 years most people begin to feel that the near vision is not what it was. The letters are not so sharp, hand length is not enough and it is not getting better even if they replace the bulb in their lamp for stronger one. The reason is quite obvious. The eyes lenses that provide the focus for near objects (accommodation) are not coping with their role and we need to help them with some corrective tools. The easiest way is to buy the reading glasses. But what to do if you already use glasses for distance and now suddenly also one for close vision? There are many solutions but not every solution is suitable for everyone and all the situations. The most common solution recently is multifocal (progressive) glass lenses. For proper function however we need to consider many aspects (working distance, size of work area, work conditions etc.) and asses every case individually. Another very important factor is that we need to determine precisely the refraction (dioptre value). Thanks to our care during the manufacturing of multifocal glasses and our close monitoring of latest trends, we can offer our clients the best service and guarantee that they will be always satisfied with their new glasses.



Wet or water surface reflections
(driving on wet surface, water sports, fishing)


One of the most unpleasant situations can be experienced when driving a car is when driving on wet road in the sun. At such moments the only help is polarized sun glasses. This is because the reflected light is polarized, and creates a very unpleasant and sometimes dangerous glare. To avoid these reflections the polarizing filters were developed. The use of polarized glasses was limited only to people who spend a long time near the water (fishing, sailing, etc.) in past. Thanks to new technologies, today Polarized lenses are also produced as corrective lenses and therefore available for customers who need to use glasses. Polarized lenses are currently available within multifocal design (bifocal, multifocal), which is important for people in the presbyopic age who wish to spend their time actively in nature, or driving a car. Due to its unique properties, polarized sunglasses are popular among drivers and fans of water sports, but their popularity grows in other sports (golf, downhill skiing, running, and many others) and in everyday life, rather than ordinary sunglasses.



Clear vision for various sport activities
(skiing, cycling, diving, etc.)


Different situations may require an alternative way of looking at the right vision correction. There are sports that require the use of special glasses, where the current dioptre correction is very difficult. One possibility is to use contact lenses but it also is not always possible. Therefore we have special spectacle frames that are intended for these purposes. There is a wide range of sports eyewear, including ski glasses, which have a built dioptre insert to which we can put the corresponding dioptre lens. We make glasses for swimming and diving masks with dioptre correction and we are also able to custom the diving masks with correction for close vision so that the diver can see his entire important device.



Corrective glasses on sun
(mountain, by the sea)


The use of sunglasses has become routine for most people of course. Especially in the mountains and by the sea, where solar radiation is intense, sun glasses find wide application. But what to do about people who are forced to use the dioptre glasses? They have the possibility to replace their dioptre glasses for sun glasses. It is clear that this is not exactly the best solution. It is possible to get a dioptre glasses sun clip that is versatile and relatively cheap, but not too aesthetic and it increase the weight of the glasses. The most ideal solution is made sun glasses in dioptre design. Customers can choose from a wide range of colours and degrees of shades. With special glass lenses it is also possible to make corrective sunglasses from the most current models of sunglasses. The newest trend is photo chromic lenses. Their quality is now at a very high level and in addition to protecting against UV rays; they offer a relatively high intensity of shading. The main advantage of photo chromic glasses is that it is possible to produce lenses in all versions (at a distance, near, bifocal, multifocal, etc.)



Professions requiring special dioptre care
(cameramen, dentists, pilots, etc.)


We have specialized for many years in the correction of presbyopia while using glasses for distant vision. That is when it is not possible to focus on nearby objects, especially for reading and still see roughly the distance, or the middle distance, especially a computer monitor or other objects. Making multifocal glasses must be always very precise and requires an individual approach. Given that the standard multifocal lenses are designed for a broad population, their function is very versatile. This is certainly an advantage, but difficult to use in specific cases. There are professions in which an individual approach must be used to achieve the right features of the glasses. In particular: dentists, pilots, professional drivers, cameramen, sound engineers, graphic designers working on large screens, and many others. Fortunately, there are many special multifocal lenses that allow us to correct the most problematic cases.