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Vyšetření na kontaktní čočky

Our optician is equipped with the latest equipment designed to investigate the refraction (measurement of diopters) and the application of contact lenses. Thanks to these instruments and experience of our optometrists, we are able to solve more complicated issues, such as prismatic correction (double vision), or contrast sensitivity. We also use a unique Plusoptix, device that can detect eye defects already at very young children, which is important for proper development of vision.



Measurement of refraction:

We use the latest computer phoropter (Topcon CV5000) for measurement of refraction. The examination on phoropter is more accurate then the normal measurement and it is also faster and more convenient for our customers.

Topcon CV5000



As we would like to offer more and more complex services and enhance the care we give to our customers, we have installed a non-contact tonometr, which can quickly and easily measure the precise value of your intraocular pressure. Thanks to this we are able to detect the possibility of glaucoma. This disease affects around one to two percent of people over 40 years of age and it is the leading cause of blindness in adults. If detected early and properly treated, the blindness can be prevented. If we will detect elevated intraocular pressure, we will recommend you to visit and eye doctor who will carry out all further necessary examination.